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Who We Are

We have around 530 shareholders with the vast majority of those living in the communities we serve: Franklin (Macon County, NC), Hayesville (Clay County, NC) and Murphy (Cherokee County, NC).

Most other banks charge you between $9.00 and $29.00 per month to have an account at their bank. If you have a high enough balance, then you “might” pay a bit less. Nantahala Bank provides free checking with our personal and business Free Checking, and we don’t have a minimum balance. For those customers that elect to have their statements mailed to them, we charge a $3.00 per mailed statement.

Our customers don’t get an automated system when they call the bank during office hours. The calls are answered by people in our branches, and many times it is the same people you deal with when you come into the bank.

Loan approvals and other key decisions are made by people in your community who understand the needs of local families, businesses and farmers. This personal insight allows us to approve small business loans, home loans, and other loans that big banks would reject. We specialize in owner-operated businesses and understand your needs as a business owner with growth goals.

We train some of our staff from scratch, but most have worked in other banks and have joined our team because they like the way we treat our customers and employees. If you give us a try, we think you will agree that we have some of the best people in banking.

We utilize the same computer systems banks ten times our size use, so we are able to provide customers the same technology available in larger banks. You can access your accounts at home, at your office, on your smart phone, etc. From your smart phone, you can deposit checks, transfer funds between accounts, make payments, and check all of your account balances.

Nantahala Bank does not have quotas for its staff to open new accounts or sell customers more products. We believe that if we are kind, courteous, professional, and helpful to our customers and meet their financial needs, our bank will grow on its own and our customers will be better served.

Lending money to our customers is how we make money, so you can bet we take it seriously. We know there are many options available to our customers, and we bend over backwards to earn their business by making the process as easy and fast as possible. We pride ourselves in being more responsive to customers and giving them a quick answer on their loan request. If we have to say no to a customer, we tell them why and what they can do to make their request more creditworthy in the future. If you are building a house or a commercial building, some banks will limit you to 5 draws for the project and/or will take two weeks or more to process a draw request. Nantahala Bank will increase draws on a construction project to meet the needs of the borrower and builder, within reason. Nantahala Bank turns around most draw requests within a few days.

Have you ever gone to your bank and had to wait to access your safety deposit box, because no one was available to let you in the Safety Deposit Vault and/or provide the second key to access your box? At Nantahala Bank, we record your handprint and let you select a Personal Identification Number, which will allow you to open the Safety Deposit Vault unassisted. Additionally, because of the access security which records your access to the area, we are also able to allow you to open YOUR box with a single key.

Senior Management Team
Greg Proffitt


NMLS #2438584

Clara Reffit


NMLS #784546

Sarah Suggs

Chief Credit Officer

NMLS #784549

Brad Martin

Chief Financial Officer

Stacy Herman

Deposit Operations, Compliance, BSA Officer, SVP

Board of Directors
Tim Hubbs


Robert Siler

Vice Chairman

Mark West

Secretary / Treasurer

Greg Proffitt


NMLS #2438584

Chris Cotton
David Cowan
Russ Gale
Eric Hoerner
Tami Zuiderveen