E-Mail Fraud Alert

Nantahala Bank & Trust Company has become aware of fraudulent emails designed to mislead our customers into providing their personal account information through fraudulent websites. Please note that Nantahala Bank & Trust Company will never require any personal information such as user name; passwords; social security number; pin number; account number etc. via email. If you receive an email appearing to have been sent from Nantahala Bank & Trust Company seeking any of this personal or account information, please do not reply, click on any links or change the email in any way. Please forward the email to fraudalert@nantahalabank.com, then delete the original message.

Unaffiliated Mortgage Insurance Program Alert

Nantahala Bank & Trust Company has become aware of an unsolicited mailing from an unaffiliated and unidentified company for the purpose of soliciting mortgage life, disability and unemployment insurance. As indicated on the unsolicited mailing, this unidentified company has ties in the Mesa, Arizona area and is obtaining the mortgage information through a local public record means. Nantahala Bank & Trust Company is NOT affiliated with this unsolicited mailing and cautions its recipients to thoroughly investigate its or other unsolicited offerings prior to engaging the product.

Phishing Scam Alert

Nantahala Bank & Trust customers have been the target of a phishing email scheme in an attempt to obtain customer on-line banking sign-on information. These emails are not being sent out by Nantahala Bank & Trust and customers are advised not to click on the link contained in the email.

What you should do if you receive one of these emails:

  • Do NOT click on the link found on the email.
  • Nantahala Bank did not send the email out, but was send by an unauthorized scammer instead.
  • If the individual did click on the link and did provide their on-line banking profile name and password, the password must be changed immediately. The scammer can use this information to steal the customer's money.

Please call your local office of Nantahala Bank & Trust, or call our toll free number, 866-754-2265, for further assistance.

Sample of Phishing email:

"Dear Valued Client,

This email is your official notification from NantahalaBank & trust. Your online Service has expired on 20-04-2010 ,if you want to continue using our service you have to Renew your online if not your online will be deactivated and deleted

To continue please click the link below:

http://www.online-nnantahalabank.com/ "

Fraudulent Sweepstakes Checks Alert

The Nantahala Bank and Trust has been notified of fraudulent sweepstakes checks being distributed in conjunction with a Readers Digest Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes SCAM.


The SCAM involves a letter and a check purportedly from the Readers Digest Publishers Clearinghouse for allegedly winning the sweepstakes. The checks are drawn on the Nantahala Bank and Trust.

Nantahala Bank and Trust official checks are not tied to sweepstakes, lotteries, prize drawings or any other such contests.

If you believe you have received one of these fraudulent checks, feel free to contact our Operations Department at 828-369-2265. You may also contact us at info@nantahalabank.com.

Heartland Data Breach

Help us protect your financial information.

  • Check your statements frequently to ensure they match your recollection and your other records. If at any time you notice any discrepancies between your statements and your other records, please notify us immediately.
  • Never give out account numbers or other personal financial information, unless you can validate the authenticity of the requestor.
  • Always shred personal and financial information before discarding it.
  • Every year, review your credit report. You're entitled to a free credit report annually. Simply contact one of the three main credit-reporting bureaus:
Equafax® Experian® TransUnion®